Welcome to Code Like A Girl, a space that celebrates breaking down society's perceptions of how women are viewed in technology.

For the girls

My mission is to inspire you to choose a career in tech. I strive to show you the endless possibilities you can achieve in tech and connect you with women who have successfully done just that with their careers in tech.

For the women

My mission is to empower you to choose careers in tech and help you thrive. I will raise awareness around issues relating to women in tech and help connect you with other women in tech.

For the men

There are many men out there that want to support diversity and specifically women in technology. There are many fathers that want to make sure their daughters have all careers open to them. However, they don't always know how. If you are one of those men, my mission is to help you do that!

My name is Dinah Davis and I am the founder of Code Like a Girl. Over the course of my career I have been a software developer, team leader, manager, and now Director of Research and Development at Arctic Wolf Networks. My passion is to break down the perception that women are not able to thrive in tech. I hope to achieve this by creating a space that demonstrates what women can accomplish through technology and provide the tools to all who want to support my vision.

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